Patron Saint Festivals in Mallorca

In Mallorca, numerous patron saint festivals are celebrated, often closely linked to the religious traditions of the island and local Mallorcan customs. These festivals are highlights for tourists and visitors from other countries, and a visit to these celebrations is always worthwhile. Here are some of the most important patron saint festivals in Mallorca:

  1. Sant Sebastià (January 20th): This is one of the biggest festivals in Palma, Mallorca, in honor of the patron saint Sant Sebastià. The festivities include concerts, processions, fireworks, various other cultural events, and the famous “Correfoc” fire run.
  2. Sant Antoni (January 17th): This festival is celebrated throughout the island of Mallorca and honors the patron saint of animals, Sant Antoni. Traditional events include animal blessings, parades, and bonfires.
  3. La Beata (August 5th): The festival in honor of Saint Catalina Thomàs, also known as La Beata, is celebrated in Valldemossa. It includes processions, masses, and various other cultural events.
  4. Sant Joan (June 23rd): This midsummer festival is celebrated throughout the island of Mallorca with bonfires and beach barbecues, parties, music, and dancing. It is particularly popular in coastal areas.
  5. Sant Jaume (July 25th): The festival in honor of the apostle Saint James is also celebrated throughout the island, especially in places like Alcúdia and Pollença. It includes processions, markets, and various other cultural events.

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