Modern Real Estate Marketing in Mallorca – Information for Sellers

This year, too, we will work with full manpower to successfully sell your property in Mallorca. To do this as effectively as possible, we would like to sensitise you to the topic of modern real estate marketing and to how the search and buying behavior of customers has changed over the last few years, and how we want and need to respond to continue to be successful for you.

Just a few years ago, the internet already played a role, but not as comprehensively as it does today. The classic Mallorca client nowadays begins their search long before a visit to the island, online via their computer or laptop, or often also via their mobile phone. In the past, the search was usually only started when the client was already on-site, studying the shop windows and brochures of various real estate agents. We have adapted to this new search behavior and therefore have also updated and modernized our online presence to better “pick up” interested parties where their search begins.

In addition, various real estate portals make this search easier for clients at home, as they can view everything “at a glance,” compare, and also make direct inquiries. To be able to sell promptly and especially at a good price, it is immensely important that you use all these different channels together with us because even though we have built up a very extensive customer database here in Portals Nous over the past 25 years, no customer will buy something they don’t know is for sale!

Of course, we understand the reservations many sellers have about the topic of portals and take your concerns seriously, but in most cases, we can alleviate them by explaining our activities in detail, and the success we’ve had proves us right. Therefore, our goal is to actively use all channels of modern (internet) marketing to achieve our goals more effectively together.

Of course, we also promote your properties through GoogleAds and social media, as well as more traditional media such as well-known daily newspapers, high-quality real estate magazines, and displays in our office in Mallorca.

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